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Vi ønsker å lære og vi vil gjøre mer.

Ikke sikker at vi kan gjøre noe for deg? Spør oss!



og funksjonell 


Vi lager nettsider for bedrifter og privat bruk. Og vi ta vare på dem.

We can build:

  • a Blog
  • an Event page
  • an online CV
  • online Bookings website
  • Services website
  • a Shop
  • Room rental / Hotel website


Every website is agreed on with Customer, worked on in milestones and has the following features:

Milestone creation

We create websites in milestones: you always know what's coming and how much it costs. 


Complete website design, amazing quality and exactly your style.


Logo for your website and business.


Professional and relevant messages make customers trust the business. We do the writing for you.

Site at your domain

We transfer site to your domain, make sure hosting fits, suggest providers and do the job for you.

Business emails

Professional points of contact like:

and hassle-free use.

Search Engine Optimization

Go higher in Google, Bing, Yahoo.

Website with advanced features like many languages.


Mobile site

We transfer site to your domain, make sure hosting fits, suggest providers and do the job for you.


Another langugage added to your site. 


We offer support in which every page is linked to its translation, instead of only main page.

Google analytics

Unlock the value of your data. 

See where your visitors come from, their interests and behaviours. 

Many worth having additions.

More features

Business cards

Business dedicated, using site's logos and graphics.


Sell your products online. Show them in a compelling way. Get paid easily.

Online bookings

Save service time, let Customers look through how busy you are and schedule visits online.


Talk to your Customers online, gather feedback, share progress in delightful blog posts.


Send stunning emails to your audience. Let everyone read with pleasure.

Meet our Partners in crime:

We love WIX, since it is perfect for custom and detailed design - and we are all about perfection! It's super easy to edit and full of useful plugins.

WordPress is perfect for blogging and small business websites. It is easy to edit and already gathers huge amount of loyal users loving its templates. We also know how to secure it.

MOO is our go to company when it comes to all kinds of prints. The quality of paper, colors and effects is top knotch. We are sure you will stand out with MOO. 

Getting a quote not enough for your needs? Do contact us.

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